The Fort Langley Youth Rowing Society ("FLYRS") was established in 2009 to introduce, engage and develop youth rowers in the Fraser Valley.  In 2008 the Township of Langley built a new boathouse and dock on the Bedford Channel in Fort Langley providing the local community with a first-class venue on which to establish rowing programs.  Fort Langley and the Bedford Channel were identified by Rowing BC as a high-quality site to introduce youth rowing.  After the inaugural 2009 summer Learn to Row sessions, a core group of youth rowers emerged and the club was established under the guidance of Teri Gambrel and Liz Chisholm, Head Coach, University of the Fraser Valley. The FLYRS club status became official in May 2010 with the election of a Board of Directors.  The FLYRS registered as a Society in August 2010 and officially became a member of Rowing BC in November 2010.  In December 2010 we became a member of Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA). The dedication of coaches, rowers and parents has created a strong rowing club with a commitment to grow and foster a life-long love of rowing for youth in Langley and surrounding communities. 


The FLYRS provides an excellent opportunity for high school aged youth to come out and experience the sport of rowing. Our coaches Nadine Mross and Hans-Christian Mross are dedicated to and passionate about rowing and pass on their enthusiasm and expertise onto the members of the FLYRS. Our rowing program is based on the RCA Long Term Athlete Development guidelines, giving our members the best opportunity to develop their skills and build confidence both in rowing and in themselves. We strive to ensure that our athletes are provided with a safe environment to grow and develop as youth, while advancing their rowing skills at a pace that compliments their physical abilities. Rowing is a team sport that provides youth with the important life skills of responsibility, teamwork, and commitment, while improving their health through physical fitness. The FLYRS is committed to providing excellence in rowing programming for youth in our community.


Nadine Mross-Pankratz

Nadine has been the head coach of the FLYRS since 2011. Having competed competitively in the sport previously, she brings knowledge and enthusiasm to push our rowers to the next level. Nadine began rowing back in University and has competed at the national level. Not only a coach for our club, Nadine is also a nutritionist and regularly brings her knowledge of health to the rowers ensuring they not only are improving their skills but that they also are taking care of themselves. Nadine brings a positive attitude and competitive spirit to coaching the rowers that inspires them to be their best at all times.  

Hans Christian Mross

Hans has been coaching for the FLYRS for the past 6 years. He began rowing with the University of the Fraser Valley in 2010, competing on their varsity team and has been a part of the sport ever since. The sport has taken him all over Canada and given him some of the best memories of his life. He continually looks forward to helping his athletes succeed both on and off the water and enjoys watching as they are able to improve in their skills and power. Hans hopes to continue to bring his enthusiasm for the sport to the rowers to push them to the next level.

Fort langley youth rowing society